New COVID-19 Store Hours & Policies

In light of COVID-19, and the many changes needed to be made to abide by new government rules. Balloonatics Designs boutique hours has changed.

Masks are mandatory at all times within the boutique. We are not providing same day walk-in services. 

Due to COVID-19 the boutique has limited staff so we are unable to fulfill any same day orders. We suggest placing your order in advance to ensure there is more than enough time for your orders to be made. 

There will primarily be administrative staff who are not balloon artists working in the boutique who manage and respond to phone calls and emails. The preferred way for placing orders is via phone calls/emails and/or website orders. Please place your order in advance. Thank you kindly for supporting us.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are customers allowed in the store?

A: Yes, but with restrictions.  For the safety and prevention of COVID-19 for both the owner Isaac, staff and customers, masks are mandatory and only a limited number of customers are allowed in the boutique at any one time.  

Q:  Can I order balloons on the same day?

A:  Due to COVID-19 the boutique has limited staff, and we may not be able to fulfill same day orders. We suggest placing your order in advance otherwise there is no guarantee we can fulfill your order the same day.   If we can make it for you same day, we certainly will.

Q: How do customers purchase their balloons or helium tank rentals?

A: We take orders online via our website:

and/or through email: (website orders and emails are the preferred method of contact) over contacting us via phone at 604-684-7555


Q: How can we pick-up our balloons or helium tanks?

A: Orders placed in advance and paid for can be picked up from outside the boutique -- we will then proceed with **curbside pickup best practices or you can walk into the boutique with a mask on to pick up your order.

Q:  What is the best way to get a hold of Balloon Atics Designs Inc.  ?

A:  Email is always the best way.. This allows us to track what we have discussed. We do not call customers after we have discussed or reviewed your event with you. The customer needs to contact us if they want to proceed. Email us if you have any questions! Send us a direct email at:

Q: Can customers come to us to get their balloons refilled that they have purchased from us?

A: We are NOT refilling any mylar/foil balloons due to COVID-19 safety precautions and prevention of both staff and customers.

Q:  Will you fill balloons that I have purchased online or from another balloon shop?

A:  No. What we can offer you is a large array of helium tank rentals to fill the balloons yourself. Helium tank rentals can be found here:

Q:  I placed an order online via the websites so how do I know if my order is confirmed and/or has been received.

A:  When we receive an order from our websites or via email we will ask you to contact us to supply us with a credit card number. This secures your order and you know we have it in our events calendar. If you have not supplied a credit card number then your request will not be processed.

Q:  What do I do if I have a question or a request for some help/guidance.

A:   Send us an email with a photo or of your ideas of what you are wanting and we’ll do our best to help you.

Q:  What if I need to discuss my event/party plans with someone in person?

A: That would need to be pre-arranged with the owner - Isaac. Based on his availability and time he would set up a time to meet at the boutique.  

Masks will be required by both parties.

Q:  Can I get my balloon order delivered.

AYes, but there is a delivery fee that is applied. Minimum order value for any delivery is $95 plus taxes and then a delivery fee is applied to this order value.

**Curbside pickup is certainly the best option as this saves you money.

Q:  Are you still doing calligraphy (custom hand writing on balloons)?

A: No, due to COVID -19 we have limited access to the storefront to essential staff only until this pandemic is over or the number of active cases of COVID-19 has decreased to a non-lockdown number.

Q:  Do you sell the big letters and/or numbers?

A:  Yes, we do, ours are the biggest and the best, they are 40” big.  We do not sell them in smaller sizes. Foil letters and number balloons can be found on:


More about Balloonatics Designs Inc.

The best way to reach us is via email -

Always include in the email the date of your event, location (if you are wanting our services to deliver or set up balloons), indoor or outdoor event, preferred setup time window and any other relevant information relating to your request.

You can call the boutique @ 604-684-7555 but due to COVID-19 the boutique may not be staffed all day. If we do not answer the phone when you call us, that means we are either on the phone with another client/customer and/or we are closed. The best way to get a hold of us is via email.

If you need ideas or want pricing please visit our websites or go to our Instagram site for ideas or on our website: or our Instagram:


Please contact us through the email and we will give you a quote. We will not follow-up with customers. If you want to proceed it is up to you to contact us and supply us with a credit card to secure your request.

Leaving us a voicemail is not the recommended way to get a hold of us. 

The best way to connect with us is via email 

Our Store Hours

**Be advised that boutique hours are NOT consistent due to staffing. Balloonatics Designs Inc. is an events based company. As the store front is CLOSED for walk-in clients/customers these are the hours for planned, confirmed and scheduled orders to be picked up from the boutique.

Boutique Curbside pickup hours:

4770 Main Street, Vancouver

Monday - Friday  10am - 2:30pm

Saturday 9:30am - 1:30pm

Please note: The boutique opens and closes promptly as Isaac schedules as many events as possible before and after scheduled store hours. We cannot wait around for anyone who is not prompt with the Boutique Curbside pickup hours.