Boutique Update: We are now Vancouver Balloons!

For all the loyal Balloonatics followers and the new friends out there,

      The Balloonatics Desgins Team has been the top balloon professional balloon team in Vancouver for decades and we have always been presenting ourselves as Vancouver Balloons on Instagram. We have always wanted to be your local centric, community supporting, environmental friendly neighborhood balloon boutique on #mainstreetvancouver. Coming through two full years of COVID-19, we have been supporting and being supported by our dearest lower mainlanders. Without you we couldn't have made it. Looking ahead to the future, especially 2022, as Vancouver Balloons we have so much more to offer, and we would love to see you on the journey, witnessing all the blessed moments and the joys of celebrations. 

     What we plan to have with Vancouver Balloons in 2022: better user experience, highly personalized balloon creation tool, easier access to one of our professional balloon artist, local collaborations with artists and event planners, fun events, etc.

    Again we would like to thank you all for 2021 and all the supports from before COVID, and cheers to the new adventure together!

    Head to our new website: click here

Yours truly,

The Vancouver Balloons Team