Pearl & Jewel Latex Balloons

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Pearl and Jewel Latex Balloons bring a classy and luxurious finish to your floating decoration. They are perfect for wedding, anniversary and birthday celebrations. Reflective and creamy in colour, the pearl balloons almost looks like huge beads of pearls floating towards the sky. Our jewel balloons are vivid in colour, bringing more colour contrast to your colour scheme. Take a look below for our wide selection of colours, shapes, sizes and prints. Our most popular is the Pearl Rose Gold Balloons that bring a modern flair to any celebration! Thinking of a more custom design? You can print your own balloons with the Custom Print 11" Pearl Latex Balloons.

buy pearl jewel balloons in vancouver

Are you in a rush? We can help make it happen! To make your life easier, you have the option to order balloons inflated or uninflated with our Helium Tank Rental. We even offer deliver right to your doorstep. How soon is your event? Most of our balloons can be prepared with 48 hour notice, but there may be other options if you don't have enough time, so get in touch today. Our Balloon Specialists can be reached by email at or by phone at 604-684-7555 during store hours.