Megaloon Foil / Mylar Balloons

Megaloons foil balloons are the largest foil/mylar balloons there are. They are massive and will command a lot of attention with their sheer size. Megaloons come in foil number balloons, foil letter balloons, as well as symbols such as hashtags!

This way you can easily make your own hashtag, grad year, prom year, birthdays , new years, and anything else you can dream of! Megaloon foil balloons come in a variety of metallic finishes that are vibrant and eye-catching. They go very easily with any party theme and will surely add a memorable visual impact to any event or celebration.

Order your Megaloon foil letter balloons or foil number balloons today and pick them up at our Vancouver balloon store location! We deliver balloons throughout lower mainland, and we also offer pickups in Surrey, Delta, and Langley!