Helium Tank Rentals

Inflate your own balloons for those special events by renting a helium tank from us.  We have different sizes available to suit your event.  Everything from super small, small, medium, large and x-large helium tanks are available from us to rent.   Monthly rentals are available on large and x-large helium tanks only. 

Our helium supplier provides us with the very best and purest helium (100% pure helium) for our helium tanks.  Other companies may use a mixture of other gases to dilute the helium (up to 23% in additives). Using pure helium means that your balloons will float and last longer.

Helium Tank Rental prices table:
Size Rental Period Price  
SSmall (Up to 50-11" balloons) 4 days $51.50 CAD
Small (Up to 85-11" balloons) 4 days $81.50 CAD
Medium (Up to 175-11" balloons) 4 days $122.50 CAD
Large (Up to 475-11" balloons) up to 7 days $217.50 CAD
X-Large (Up to 625-11" balloons) up to 7 days $235.50 CAD
  • Delivery/pickup costs NOT included in above pricing.
  • Delivery is offered on Large and X-Large tanks only.
  • Quantity indicated is approximate. Number of balloons inflated is determined by the user as we have no control over how big you inflate your balloons or the quality of balloons you are using (breakage is common with inferior quality balloons).
  • Applicable taxes not included in above pricing (PST/GST). 
  • All helium tank rentals require credit card number, photo id - driver's license number, current address and telephone number(s) are required for security purposes. Payments can be made with cash. 
  • Large and X-Large helium tanks can be rented on a monthly basis for an additional $ 25.00 – delivery and pickup charges are extra  – these are very heavy helium tanks to move, so exercise caution to insure you do not injury yourself or others. 
  • See attached Helium Tank Agreement for further details. 
  • Vancouver Lower Mainland rentals only.
  • Please Note: - When inflating balloons, please remember the general rule for untreated balloons is to inflate them on the day of the event.  Untreated balloons will only look good the day of the event itself. Left overnight, they will decrease in size and will most likely not float properly the next day.  If you want your balloons to last overnight, we strongly recommend treating your balloons with Hi-Float.
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